Tech Laureate honoree Blue Sky Analytics innovates with data to solve climate change

Categories: Climate + Data , Partnership Spotlights

In 2018, sister and brother Abhilasha and Kshitij Purwar launched Blue Sky Analytics to help solve climate change by creating a new way of monitoring the climate and environment. 

“I’ve always been attracted to problems that affect everybody and climate change is the single biggest problem out there,” says Abhilasha. 

Blue Sky Analytics addresses two significant challenges for climate action – combining massive datasets from around the world into one unified web-based platform and using satellite data to capture emissions data in places where there are not any sensors. “Now Blue Sky Analytics provides a one-stop shop for anyone to access real-time comprehensive datasets for a wide range of environmental data to help fight climate change,”  Kshitij said.

The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation has supported their innovative work with the AI for Humanity Prize at MIT Solve. And in 2021, The Foundation supported the selection of Blue Sky Analytics as a Tech Laureate by The Tech Interactive, a San Jose, Cal. science and technology center. The Tech Interactive has captured the story behind Blue Sky Analytics in a series of videos to inspire the next generation of innovators. The Tech Laureates awards will be given in March 2022 in San Jose.