Modern Journalists Need a Copilot

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Social media has transformed the reach of modern journalism. With the click of a button, journalists can connect with readers across the globe, bringing audiences comprehensive news coverage on issues that impact their lives. But it’s not just journalists who benefit from social media’s rapid connectivity and reach – audiences appreciate the ability to conveniently access the news via their preferred social channels. In fact, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey, nearly half of U.S. adults report “often” or “sometimes” getting news from social media.

Yet, when the 24/7 news cycle meets the 24/7 newsfeed, journalists can find themselves facing mounting pressure to keep up with content demands. Turning out a timely and comprehensive news story on-the-fly is no easy feat on its own, but when you add on the task of reworking news stories into posts for multiple social media platforms–with varying audiences and word count limits–hours spent creating content can quickly add up. 

Introducing JournaPilot

Empowering journalists to work efficiently is paramount for creating an equitable, just, and informed society. Particularly for independent journalists and smaller news organizations with limited resources, artificial intelligence (AI) and data solutions have the potential to revolutionize workflow, boosting their ability to make high-quality journalism accessible for mass audiences.

The PJMF Products and Services team is proud to offer JournaPilot, a generative AI-powered platform designed to assist journalists and communicators by quickly generating story-driven, ready-to-share copy for social media, allowing you to focus more on reporting and less on social media content creation. With JournaPilot, you can seamlessly transform any news article into captivating social media content in just a few clicks. In its current version, JournaPilot supports Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

We invite all journalists, communicators, and media enthusiasts to join us on this exciting journey and discover how JournaPilot can help your storytelling make an impact. You can review instructions for setting up your account here.

JournaPilot quickly generates story-driven content to share on social media 

For more information on JournaPilot, you can view a recorded discussion of JournaPilot on LinkedIn here or a 15-second demonstration of JournaPilot at work here.

About the Design

● Easy-to-use interface streamlines content creation in just a few clicks

● Dual large language model integration (ChatGPT 3.5 or Claude) allows users to bring their own API key and generate various social media posts in ready-to-share format

● Network-level protection, encryption (in transit and at rest), and strong authentication ensure operational excellence for safety and security

Prototype Testing

The Data Solutions team released JournaPilot on October 16, 2023.

Product development is an ongoing and iterative process. We invite collaborators to assist with usability testing to help us ensure that JournaPilot lives up to its promise of being a tool for public good. If you are an early adopter willing to share your insights on the JournaPilot user experience as a usability tester, we encourage you to sign up today.

To provide feedback on your experience using JournaPilot, complete the JournaPilot Prototype Test Log included here.

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