About Us

A global, 21st century philanthropy, the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation is committed to bridging the frontiers of artificial intelligence, data science, and social impact.

The Foundation is the legacy of IDG founder Patrick J. McGovern, who often said, “The best is yet to come.” He recognized the potential for information technology and neuroscience to democratize access to knowledge, improve the human condition, and advance social good. A generation of rapid advances in technology have led us to new possibilities at the intersection of information technology and neuroscience — artificial intelligence and data science. The promise of AI and data science represent the future Patrick J. McGovern always envisioned. With his optimism about what is possible, the Foundation invests in the exploration, enhancement, and development of AI and data science for good.

Fierce Urgency of Now

A sense of urgency drives our work. Technology, AI, and data increasingly influence our daily lives and society. We aim to create a shared understanding, language, and vision for how these tools can be ethically developed and applied for the greater good. At scale, AI and data can be instrumental in solving the world’s most pressing challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change to health inequities. If we are to realize this transformative potential, we will need guiding frameworks for ethical AI and data, new approaches to privacy and stewardship of data, and bold innovations in AI applications.

We believe philanthropy must play a significant role in supporting the diverse talent, courageous conversations, and new institutions needed to make change and reimagine the future. The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation is helping to build that future by serving as a convener, collaborator, and co-creator with other visionary leaders and organizations dedicated to advancing AI and data science for good.

Our Culture and Values

Core to our mission and vision are inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility– IDEA. We apply the IDEA framework to all we do, from growing a diverse team within the Foundation, to coalition building with organizations and people around the world, to promoting trust-based philanthropic relationships, and democratizing the development and rewards of AI and data.

To build a better future in the digital era, the benefits of technological advancement must be shared by all. The Foundation invests in activities that lead to greater inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in how AI and data are conceptualized, developed, applied, and deployed. As we undertake these goals, we are guided by these principles:

Inclusion to create the conditions for belonging so all individuals are respected and valued and can participate fully in decision-making 

Diversity, to ensure a broad and representative community of stakeholders, partners, and allies

Equity, to promote fairness, justice, and transparency in opportunity and distribution of resources so all people are able to thrive

Accessibility, to create opportunity and welcoming spaces for engagement, participatory decision-making, and shared outcomes