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“We have an unprecedented opportunity – and responsibility – to center our shared humanity in the creation of new technological tools. To ensure a just and equitable tomorrow, we must commit to ethical design, development, and deployment of tools today.”


In an increasingly digitally-enabled world, we believe that data science and artificial intelligence (AI) can be tremendous forces for public good. To realize this potential, we need novel AI solutions that address specific data and technological challenges among civil society organizations and initiatives. Our goal is to develop open-source, public good data and AI products to foster a collaborative and sustainable community of practice around these solutions.

The Critical Need for Products and Services in Civil Society

New solutions for global challenges: Those at the frontline of vulnerability need new capacity to address global challenges.

Technology & data capacity: Organizations need new forms of access to the personnel, infrastructure, or strategic capacity to build AI-driven products.

People-centered products: Technology built for purpose prioritizes the needs of those whose livelihoods are most affected by technology.

Amplified impact: Existing community-driven solutions leverage localized knowledge–AI and data solutions can help generalize and expand the reach of these interventions.

Safety & responsibility: Transparent practices can guide the safe and ethical development and deployment of emerging technology.

The Data Solutions charter is to identify, develop, and deploy strategic data and AI products to unlock opportunity and address broad challenges within the social good sector.

We accomplish this by engaging in two areas:
1. Data and AI Product Development
2. Product Management and Technical Consultations 

Our Products

JournaPilot is an AI-powered, open-source platform designed to assist journalists and communicators by quickly generating story-driven, ready-to-share copy for social media, allowing you to focus more on reporting and less on social media content creation. Learn more here.

Safety & Ethics in Our Products

Our commitment to safety and ethics is reinforced by an ongoing and iterative process of planning, development, testing, and deployment. Our approach relies upon transparent, intentional, and deliberate engagement with stakeholders, asking difficult questions of ourselves and other diverse voices. In doing so, we adhere to responsible and transparent data practices and ensure safe and appropriate use of our products.

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Meet the Products and Services Team

Hazem Mahmoud
Director, Products and Services

Hazem provides direct technical assistance around Data Analytics, Engineering and Operations to Foundation grantees and partner organizations.

More about Hazem Mahmoud
Before focusing on nonprofits, Hazem worked with Cloudera Inc.’s leading clients in designing, architecting and deploying the Cloudera platform. Hazem spent over 15 years in systems engineering and DevOps roles, in the banking, advertising, and mobile industries. Hazem has a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Michigan and an MS Information Systems from Metropolitan State University.
Valmik Patel
Data Scientist

Valmik focuses on supporting the Products and Services team by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create technology products that make a positive impact.

More about Valmik Patel
Valmik has a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay and a masters in Data Science from Columbia University. He worked in data science and machine learning engineering roles in the fintech, advertising, and privacy tech industries before joining PJMF. Valmik enjoys watching soccer, gaming, hiking, and reading in his spare time.
Nicholas Davis
Front End Developer

Nick is a seasoned technologist with a specialization in UI/UX design and Front End Development. Nick meticulously crafts technology products that not only meet industry standards but also leave a positive impact on society

More about Nicholas Davis
With 15 years of expertise in UI/UX design and front-end development, Nick combines academic rigor with practical innovation. Before joining PJMF, Nick spent 8 years at IBM. There, he spearheaded initiatives to enhance organizational scalability and efficiency. Nick is committed to driving meaningful change through technology. Nick holds a Master of Science in Information Systems from Drexel University.
Nicholas Trimmer
Products and Services Associate

Nick is a technologist eager to contribute to the Products and Services Team as an associate. His drive is to create practical AI tools that eschew traditional financial motives for people-centered products.

More about Nicholas Trimmer
Nick graduated from North Seattle College with a BS in Computer Science, intending to create AI applications with real-world use cases. His passion for democratizing the benefits of advanced technology keeps him focused on creating ethical software solutions. While away from the keyboard, he enjoys cooking, reading, cycling, and lounging in the sun with his partner and two puppies.