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towards developing and implementing procedures, policies, and systems along the data life cycle to advance work amongst youth in the Chicago area

towards democratizing immigration justice via data visualization and machine learning so marginalized immigrants can get fair access to justice.

towards the improvement of data ingest processes and infrastructure to advance machine learning on user data sources, in order to provide girls with crucial sexual and reproductive health content and connect them to essential services.

towards establishing data systems, guidelines, and processes to further our goal of monitoring and promoting feminist leadership in nonprofit organizations.

towards reducing silos and organizational inefficiencies through improving data governance, system consolidation, ethics advancement, and process compliance to further our work in improving the lives of children worldwide.

New report identifies a critical need to develop 3.5M data professionals to address global challenges by 2032

AI Ignition Podcast: AI for Social Good

To provide support for "Bridging Philadelphia's Digital Divide."

To provide support for the "Information is Aid" Hurricane Maria Relief Project in Puerto Rico.

To provide support for the Digital Strategies Team's efforts through program staffing and constituency data enhancement.

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