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A New Code for AI: Watch Vilas Dhar's TEDxPaloAlto Talk

Foundation launches AI-powered social media tool for journalists

Vilas Dhar in Davos: Social sector adoption of AI is more critical than ever

in support of integrating industry tools with open source data to develop a Human Rights Risk Assessment (HRRA) tool that can inform companies about high-risk working conditions in the seafood industry.

in support of the creation of a data pipeline to produce evidence-based data and perform data analysis through Natural Language Processing to determine the efficacy of child protection laws in India.

towards developing and implementing procedures, policies, and systems along the data life cycle to advance work amongst youth in the Chicago area

towards uncovering insights that may predict program enrollment in order to design programmatic and product features to enhance health service delivery for underserved patients

towards the improvement of data integration and textual analysis to identify victims of gender-based violence, to provide health services to those who need it and inform municipalities in Brazil of rates of gender-based violence.

towards the creation of a digital public good that informs cybersecurity capacity building and technical and policy recommendations to decrease the human rights impact of cyberattacks globally.

towards investing and advancing efforts for data governance policies and practices to maximize opportunities and protect Root Capital from risks during a period of significant growth.

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