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To provide support for MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works' efforts around diversity and inclusion, including scaling up outreach efforts at the MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute, as well as building and scaling its model for public use.

to leverage technology to build capacity for inclusive entrepreneurship programming nationwide.

to support Blossom Academy to recruit & develop aspiring data scientists and connect them to job opportunities

to support the MLT Racial Equity at Work Initiative

to support Team4Tech in scaling and creating new networks and opportunities for nonprofit partners.

to provide support for the 2024 AI for Humanity Prize

to support the building of a network that ensures quality CS education reaches children across the nation

to support Equitech Futures' Applied Data institute, Civil Tech Institute, and Tech For Impact research fellowships

to provide general operating support for increasing enrollment and expanding course offerings, including Cybersecurity

to support tech upskilling opportunities for young women and bridge the gender gap in tech

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