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to support new initiatives in machine learning, data science, and data cultures to advance lifesaving biomedical service distribution and disaster response across the US

to support the building of technology and digital education opportunities for a more rehabilitative corrections system

to provide support for data-driven interventions to the homelessness crisis

to provide support for tech-enabled relief and response efforts.

to provide support for programs addressing the intersectional challenges of homelessness, substance use, and chronic health conditions.

to support the Eastern Massachusetts emergency food response and accelerate digital transformation.

to support efforts to sustainably address youth homelessness and underemployment through workforce training and financial literacy programming

to support UCSF’s Unidos en Salud’s program, which provides COVID-19 testing and vaccination to high-risk communities in San Francisco, and for related data collection and dissemination that informs approach and care for other health disparities.

to support the Eastern Massachusetts emergency food response by providing over 100M pounds of nutritious food through 600 partner agencies to 190 cities and towns, and accelerate digital transformation.

to provide support for digital transformation efforts and exploration of Deployment Circles work.

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