Data and Society

“Data science and AI-based tools, deployed with purpose and social conscience, could improve nearly every part of the human experience. Enabling civil society to access technologies will unlock transformational approaches to many of the world’s greatest challenges.”


The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation’s new Data and Society program builds technical capacity and data-use cultures at nonprofits and social impact organizations around the world. We recognize that it takes technical partnership, access to industry-level expertise, an understanding of nonprofits, and meaningful funding to implement data solutions.

With an industry-leading team of data scientists, technical experts and program managers, Data and Society offers a range of sector-building data and AI services.

Accelerator Program

These grants will equip organizations with tools and expertise to extract actionable insights from datasets. Selected nonprofits team up with dedicated PJMF data engineers and technologists to translate problem definitions into data questions; refine, curate and prepare data assets for use; and identify opportunities to transform data into strategy.

Multi-year Partnerships

These long-term partnerships with nonprofits are designed for holistic development of data maturity. Nonprofits receive customized support with direct access to technology, data science and engineering expertise, and long-term technical assistance, allowing them to establish infrastructure and develop technical capabilities to scale and sustain their high-impact work.

Public sector building

Through public workshops, convenings and thought leadership, Data and Society will build civil sector awareness and learning about the potential of AI and data to drive impact. We want to engage nonprofit organizations in all stages of data readiness; to promote practical use cases and data collaborations; to disseminate learnings; and to uphold the highest standards of governance, privacy, and responsible data use.

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