Nonprofits Around the World Invited to Participate in a New Data Leaders Community of Practice

When organizations have greater visibility into their peers’ processes and best practices, they reduce duplicative efforts, hasten progress on meeting impact goals, and deepen their cultures of data use.

As part of its active work to strengthen nonprofits’ technical capabilities and advance data-use cultures within social impact organizations worldwide, The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation’s Data and Society team is currently accepting applications from nonprofit data practitioners for a new Data Leaders Community of Practice.

Submissions are now closed. Please reach out to with any questions.

Over a two year period, the Community of Practice will support current and emerging nonprofit data leaders by building a community of peers, experts, and learning opportunities focused on advancing the use of data and AI for societal and environmental benefit.

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Nonprofit data cultures have traditionally existed to monitor and evaluate KPIs relevant to a narrowly defined set of decision-makers. Optimizing the organization’s data for impact, efficiency, and security requires building data capabilities across entire organizations. And, for the design and implementation of future-fit, user-centric data cultures, existing data leaders need to have visibility into the data needs, opportunities, and liabilities experienced by a more diverse set of roles, users, and communities, underscoring the need for a more diverse and inclusive data workforce.

The Community will bring together up to 20 nonprofit organizations across disciplines and geographies, with two participants representing each organization: a senior data leader, who currently leads data functions at an organizational level, and an emerging data professional, who is working in a functional data role with their first leadership experience. These two participants will collaborate with each other and other community members to advance data strategies and solve concrete data challenges. Beyond our in-kind contributions of training and expertise, the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation will provide supplementary support to cover associated expenses of up to $20,000.

Once selected, the participants will identify common data priorities and challenges. This self-created agenda will inform the CoP’s events and activities, including facilitated working groups, expert talks, and peer learning events. Participants are expected to attend one to two video calls per quarter, and one to two in-person meetings over the two years.

At the end of 24 months, the members of the Data Leaders Community of Practice will have:

  • Conducted an organizational self-assessment
  • Accessed guidance and insights from sought-after experts
  • Developed or adjusted a workforce development strategy through the lens of IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility)
  • Shared out best practices for creating, managing, and sustaining an advanced culture of data use
  • Connected with peer organizations through facilitated networking and professional development
  • Collaborated on a roadmap to meet organization or sector-wide data priorities without compromising the well-being of impacted communities
  • Created a community of practice to test and advance future collaborations

Submissions are now closed. Please reach out to with any questions.

Organization Information

  • Describe your organization’s current capacity (funding, people, technology, tools, etc.) in using data and analytics (eg, data management, governance, collection, data analysis, reporting, etc.).
  • What are your biggest priorities for your organization’s data practices? (Please list 3-5 priorities)
  • What are your organization’s biggest challenges to implementing robust data practices? Which of these challenges do you believe is specific to nonprofit organizations? (Please list 3-5 challenges)
  • This new learning community aims to connect existing and emerging nonprofit data leaders from diverse identities, perspectives, and experiences to design and implement data organizational strategies/solutions. How will joining this community of practice benefit your organization’s work? What would your organization see as its primary contribution to the community of practice? Please be as specific as possible.
  • How does your organization concretely apply the IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) framework across its operations? How does it impact your data culture?
  • Provide CVs or LinkedIn profiles for the duo (one existing and one emerging leader) that will be joining this Community of Practice on behalf of your organization.

Nominated Participant Information

  • Senior Data Leader
    How will participating in this Community of Practice benefit the key components of your work with data within your team and at your organization?
  • Emerging Professional:
    How will participating in this Community of Practice benefit the key components of your work with data within your team and at your organization?
  • Senior Data Leader & Emerging Professional:
    How do you envision working together to design and implement data solutions within your organization over the next 24 months and beyond?

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The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation strives to maximize inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in our EOI process. Please contact if we could provide you with accommodations to better facilitate your participation and access.