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to support the National Academy of Medicine Artificial Intelligence Code of Conduct (AICC) project

to support the Ministry of Health in Zambia in developing a fit-for-purpose digital health workforce

to support deployment of an AI-Driven Vaccine Intervention Optimiser (ADVISER) in Nigeria

to support the creation, implementation, and accessibility of digital diabetes management tools

to create an open source digital health toolkit for development and implementation of FHIR native data collection and case management apps.

To provide support for the Lacuna Fund’s health equity track.

to advance the field of global digital health through knowledge management; networking; and promotion of best practices, lessons learned, and global resources.

to advance interoperability in low-resource healthcare settings by upgrading, modernizing and extending OpenHIM.

to support creation of an Indigenous-centered data governance framework for health and build a network of Indigenous AI/ML practitioners.

for Duke Institute for Health Innovation to work with the Aga Khan University to develop analytical frameworks to help clinical and operational decision-makers audit, evaluate, and monitor AI systems in healthcare settings.

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