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to support AI-enabled product roadmap for clinic-patient communications

to support the WISDOM study in incorporating the use of AI into their risk model to personalize each woman's breast cancer screening schedule.

to support an AI-enabled continuum of care in Zanzibar

to use AI to enhance supply chain functions for improved efficiency and effectiveness

to support the HealthTech Hub Africa

to support Ministries of Health in leveraging real-time data to improve vaccine cold chain management

to support the PowerMom platform and advance maternal health research and outcomes across the country

support the FHIR-SMART ecosystem and country-led, standards-based digital planning and localization

to support SEARCH's new Community Precision Health intervention to build the capacity of Community Health Workers and enhance the accuracy of data collected and the diseases addressed

to support the provision of COVID, influenza, and RSV testing, vaccination, and molecular surveillance in high-risk communities as well as related data collection and dissemination

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