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Towards development of an intelligent data model that combines fiscal, geospatial and demographic data with the aim of improving climate resilience through equitable distribution of and access to flood defense and relief goods and services in Assam, India

Children uprooted in a changing climate – leveraging existing data to unlock new insights and solutions with and for children on the move

Digital Dirt: Using Data to Advance Soil Carbon Sequestration

towards the development of data-driven approaches to guiding optimized placement of off-shore wind farms to maximize energy production while minimizing biological impact.

In support of developing spatial explicit models that will serve as critical inputs to an open source platform designed to monitor extreme environmental events and advise the fishing sector on appropriate adaptive management strategies.

to support expanding emissionality globally with public partners

to inform the global conversation around climate change through the production of foundational climate data products and scientific analysis for key decision-makers and stakeholders at every level.

towards the development of a functionality to index earth observations for monitoring, characterizing, and search - identifying plastic waste sites through satellite imagery to enable broader environmental detection and monitoring efforts.

in support of automated, accurate, and accessible species detection in West Africa through use of machine learning (ML) on camera trap video assets, to provide insights of climate change on wildlife to enable conservation efforts on species abundance.

in support of advancing a climate hazard data visualization and mapping tool that draws on spatial modeling to more accurately determine the location and needs of populations most vulnerable to climate change-driven health inequities.

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